Strictly for the Birds (1959)
Beyond the Fringe (1961)
Theme from Beyond the Fringe and All that Jazz (1962)
Beyond the Fringe: Original Broadway Cast (1962)
Private Eye’s Blue Record (1964)
Not Only Peter Cook. . . But Also Dudley Moore (1965)
The Other Side of Dudley Moore – The Dudley Moore Trio (1965)
Once Moore with Peter Cook (1966)
Genuine Dud (1966)
Goodbye Again (1968)
Bedazzled (1968)
30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968)
The Dudley Moore Trio (1969)
The Music of Dudley Moore (1969)
The World of Dudley Moore (1970) (A compilation on Decca)
Dudley Moore Trio: Today (1971)
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ‘Not Only.But Also.’ (1971)
Behind the Fridge (1973)
Good Evening (1974)
Dudley Moore at the Wavedon Festival (1976)
Derek and Clive Ad Nauseum (1978)
Dudley Moore Trio: Live in Australia (1978)
The Clean Tapes: The Very Best of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (1978)
Smilin’ Through (1982)
Orchestra! (1991)
Songs without Words (1991)
Concerto! (1992)
An Evening with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, & E. L. Wisty (1992)
Grieg Piano Concerto in a Minor (1995)
Live from an Aircraft Hangar (2000)
The World of Pete & Dud (2000) (A compilation on Decca)
The Dudley Moore Trio: Jazz Jubilee (2004)
The Dudley Moore Trio: Jazz, Blues, & Moore (2005)