About Dudley Moore

It is a rare that an entertainer has the ability to act, sing, compose a score, play the piano, and more. A renowned performer, Dudley Moore could do it all. As a legendary musician, composer, actor, and comedian, he astonished fans all over the world with his talents and abilities.

Dudley Stuart John Moore was born on April 19, 1935 in Dagenham, England to John and Ada Moore. He had an older sister, Barbara. He discovered his passion for music at an early age, becoming a choirboy at six and earning a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music at age 11, where he studied harpsichord, organ, violin, musical theory, and composition. At 14, he was playing the organ at church weddings. Later, he earned a scholarship to study music at Magdalen College at Oxford University.

When he graduated in 1958, he was an accomplished jazz pianist and performed widely until being offered a part by the producers of Beyond the Fringe. This comedy, a collaboration between Moore, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, and Alan Bennett introduced the age of satire and earned success in the United States and Britain.

In 1965, Moore and Beyond the Fringe co-star Peter Cook went on to star in Not Only. . . But Also, a television series that ran for six years and introduced the comedic partnership of Moore and Cook. The two would go on to remain lifelong friends. They later appeared in several productions together, including films The Wrong Box (1966) and Bedazzled (1967).

After working extensively with Cook on various projects, Moore chose to break away to focus on his film career. He starred in numerous films, including 30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968). In 1968, he married actress Suzy Kendall, but the two divorced in 1972.

In 1975, he married actress Tuesday Weld, with whom he had a son, Patrick. They divorced in 1980.

Meanwhile, Moore’s film career took off with the success of 10 (1979) in which he co-starred with Bo Derek. Arthur (1981), co-starring Liza Minnelli, came next and was his most successful film, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Other movies followed, including “Like Father Like Son” (1987), “Arthur 2: On the Rocks” (1988) and “Crazy People” (1990).

In 1988, Moore married actress Brogan Lane, but they divorced in 1990.

In addition to his Oscar nomination, during his career, Moore won two Tony Awards, a Grammy and two Golden Globes.

Moore married Nicole Rothschild in 1994, with whom he had a son, Nicholas Anthony. The two divorced in 1998.

Throughout the years, Moore also found time for his first and greatest passion of music. He used his musical skills to compose scores to several of his films such as Bedazzled (1967) and Inadmissible Evidence (1968). During the 1990s, he performed at several Carnegie Hall Benefits for the charitable organization, Music For All Seasons, and also toured with his long time musical partner and friend, Rena Fruchter.

Moore also shared his passion for music in other ways. He served as the founding Advisory Board President of Music For All Seasons, an organization that strives to provide music to those who, for health, economic or other reasons, are unable to attend concerts.

In June 2001, Moore was named a Commander of the British Empire, an honor bestowed upon him by the Prince of Wales.

At age 66, Dudley Moore passed away on March 27, 2002 at his home in New Jersey after a long and bitter battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.

Through his work in both music and cinema, and via his contributions to charitable organizations around the world, Dudley Moore left behind an unforgettable and lasting legacy.