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The Official Site of Dudley Moore The Official Site of Dudley Moore
About Dudley


About Dudley

Strictly for the Birds (1959)
Beyond the Fringe (1961)
Theme from Beyond the Fringe and All that Jazz (1962)
Beyond the Fringe: Original Broadway Cast (1962)
Private Eye's Blue Record (1964)
Not Only Peter Cook. . . But Also Dudley Moore (1965)
The Other Side of Dudley Moore - The Dudley Moore Trio (1965)
Once Moore with Peter Cook (1966)
Genuine Dud (1966)
Goodbye Again (1968)
Bedazzled (1968)
30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968)
The Dudley Moore Trio (1969)
The Music of Dudley Moore (1969)
The World of Dudley Moore (1970) (A compilation on Decca)
Dudley Moore Trio: Today (1971)
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore 'Not Only.But Also.' (1971)
Behind the Fridge (1973)
Good Evening (1974)
Dudley Moore at the Wavedon Festival (1976)
Derek and Clive Ad Nauseum (1978)
Dudley Moore Trio: Live in Australia (1978)
The Clean Tapes: The Very Best of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (1978)
Smilin' Through (1982)
Orchestra! (1991)
Songs without Words (1991)
Concerto! (1992)
An Evening with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, & E. L. Wisty (1992)
Grieg Piano Concerto in a Minor (1995)
Live from an Aircraft Hangar (2000)
The World of Pete & Dud (2000) (A compilation on Decca)
The Dudley Moore Trio: Jazz Jubilee (2004)
The Dudley Moore Trio: Jazz, Blues, & Moore (2005)

Did you know?
Dudley Moore turned down the lead role in "Splash".

This film helped launch the film career of Tom Hanks.

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